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Civil litigation attorneys represent clients from the inception of a case to the final verdict or settlement and sometimes in the appeals process. The attorneys at The Milledge Law Firm are skilled in all areas of civil litigation and have experience representing plaintiffs and defendants, in a wide variety of cases, including:

The Civil Litigation Process

Although the details of every litigation matter vary dramatically depending on the circumstances and jurisdiction, the legal process of most civil litigation matters is standard. After a client comes to our office for an initial consultation, we will begin the investigation process. If our client is the plaintiff, we will investigate if there is a prima facie case, or enough evidence to bring a lawsuit. If our client is the defendant in the lawsuit, we will work tirelessly to identify and devise any possible litigation defense strategies that may be available.

After the initial investigation, we will artfully draft and file pleadings. Pleadings are the documents needed to initiate a civil case and include the Citation, Petition, and Answer. Depending again upon what side our client is on in the litigation matter, the requisite documents will be filed within the time limitations set forth by law.

After the pleading stage, the lengthy civil litigation discovery process begins. Discovery is the process by which attorneys on either side of the lawsuit/litigation exchange information about the matter. Deciding which documents to request and provide to an opponent is one of the most important skills a civil litigation attorney can possess. The civil litigation discovery phase includes document review, depositions and medical and physical exams among other things. We are experienced in navigating this long and complex process.

Next is the pre-trial phase of a civil litigation matter. In this phase, motion practice is critical. Motion practice is how civil litigation attorneys argue their points before trial. Our seasoned litigation lawyers will use motion practice for various reasons including seeking a directed verdict and summary judgment and opposing the other side’s motions. This is also where our civil litigation attorneys work to develop a trial strategy as well as prepare witnesses to testify and physical evidence for trial.

When faced with a lawsuit, many people contemplate a long and public trial. However, most cases never get to the trial stage. At The Milledge Law Firm, we focus on settlement. The Milledge Law works tirelessly to settle our civil litigation cases before trial. Most parties prefer to settle their lawsuit before trial as it can be expensive and risky. During a civil litigation trial, the parties present their cases to the court, which could be a judge or a judge and jury, via direct and cross-examination of witnesses and the presentation of other evidence. If your civil litigation case does proceed to trial, our skilled trial attorneys can offer top-notch representation. As there is a winner and a loser in every trial, there is always an unfavorable outcome for one of the litigation parties. Again, most civil litigation lawsuits settle before going to trial. Whether settlements are reached privately or via alternate dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration, you must be represented by a seasoned civil litigation attorney who can negotiate for appropriate compensation or protect your rights.


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