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Criminal Law

If you have been accused of or are under investigation for a crime, there is no time to waste — contact the Milledge Law Firm to protect your reputation and your freedom.

Family Law

The Milledge Law Firm places our client’s needs before our own. If you are looking for a firm willing to aggressively and strategically drive each case to resolution with your best interest in mind give us a call.

Probate Law

Death is an inevitable event. Preparation is key to insure your wishes are fulfilled and your assets secured and left in the hands of your loved ones.

Civil Litigation

Do you have a conflict or dispute with another party that needs to be resolved? You don’t have to go at it alone. The Milledge Law firm is here to fight for you.

Personal Injury

Have you been wrongfully injured by the negligence of a third party? If so, it is important that you do not hesitate to involve The Milledge Law Firm


Hard times are something we all experience. If you are an individual or business dealing with extreme financial difficulties, bankruptcy could be a solution for you.


Are you a permanent resident or nonpermanent resident in the U.S. who is at risk of being deported, or removed, from the country? If so, you may be able to avoid deportation through a cancellation of removal. In this process, the immigrant is able to get his or her status as a deportable alien switched to the status of a lawful permanent resident, thus eliminating the need for deportation.


As more Americans become entrepreneurs, they discover that wise business planning is essential to their success today and their financial security tomorrow. We realize that a full representation of a business includes incubation to the termination. Our law firm can help you achieve your goals, whether your business is a one-person operation or one striving for the Fortune 500 list. The planning we provide helps you to protect your assets and limit your liability. With each new formation, we coordinate the asset protection and liability limitation advice with seasoned tax planning to optimize your venture.

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At The Milledge Law Firm,
“IT’S NOT JUST BUSINESS, IT’S PERSONAL TO US. We have over 40 years of combined legal experience.”
You will have peace of mind not only that your matter is receiving the proper attention from a team of experienced legal professionals, but also that you will be treated with the respect and courtesy that you are entitled to as an individual.  Our knowledge and experience in various fields of law and our commitment to personal service are only the beginning of what we offer to our clients. 

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